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Principal's Message

Donations of supplies to the classroom!

If you have extra pens, pencils, kleenex, wet wipes, sheet protectors, highlighters, student scissors at home,and would like to donate these items to the classroom they would be much appreciated. Procedures: go to Click Sign in, Click google sign in,IT IS IMPORTANT THAT THE OTHER SIGN IN FIELDS ARE BLANK, Click Binders, Scroll down for assignments.

Read article and answer questions by typing Reply.  Highlight when necessary.  Annotate the text and answer the questions when questions are present. Make sure you take the Quiz and complete the Write task.  All items are saved.



Brainpop Educational Videos- New Videos Daily

"Students must have initiative;They should not be mere imitators. They must learn to think and act for themselves"-Cesar Chavezminion7.jpg



Mrs. Meeker

Welcome to 6th Grade Humanities.

Get ready for a fun year of exploring Literature and History!

In class we will collaborate and share ideas!


"Excellence is not an exception- It is a prevailing attitude."-Colin Powell

Correct and Return Procedures for assignments, quizzes and tests

When assignments are returned  to students for corrections they should be returned within two days. There will be the words  C/R  or FIX ITEMS written across the top.  Students are to correct only those items circled O  or crossed off  /   or otherwise notated on the page. Students should come to me at the end of  class or SSP for clarification of items to be addressed. The original assignment must be stapled to the front  of the corrected copy and placed in the Correct and Return basket.  If a parent would like to have their child complete these over the weekend please send a note. If a student requires help with the corrections, they should come to SSP for help.  

For History Quizzes and Tests-  The students will use the text book to locate the correct answer- Using a different colored ink, they will write the correct answer along with the page number on the original tests.  In regards to essay and short answer questions, if corrections are necessary, they must be re-written and on a separate piece of paper and then stapled to the test. When Tests and Quizzes are returned home, a parent signature will be required. If you would like extra time to review these please send in a note with your child.

Australia and Kangaroos!

Australia and Kangaroos!

California Collections Textbook- Online Access- Click link below.


I will be helping students learn how to use the agenda book/planner. I will teach them how to write down their daily assignments, long term projects/assignments, etc. I will also use this as a means of communication to you. Please check it regularly not only to monitor your child's assignments, but also any information that may need to be sent home. If possible, please review agenda Monday, Wednesday and Friday nights.

Independent Reading

  Bring reading books to school each day.Students shall read a variety of  books including Nonfiction.   Read news articles, magazines that peak your interest. 


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