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PE/ Yoga Make-Up Assignments

If you are absent follow the directions below for make up credit. If you are absent for a run, complete 10-15 minutes of an aerobic exercise. Have a parent sign a note stating you completed the exercise. Missed runs can also be made up during SSP.

Participation points (lost for off task or unsafe behavior) can not be made up.

Makeup Assignment for Yoga: If absent practice routine at home. Routines can be found on the calendar. Bring a signed note from a parent or guardian stating you practiced for 30 minutes. If missing instruction for a PE unit, review the information about the sport with the links provided. See attachments on the calendar. Write 5 things you learned from what you read. 

Makeup Assignment for PE: If absent, Review the information about the sport with the links provided. See attachments on calendar. Write 5 things you learned from what you read. 


Aerobic Fitness Challenge for November

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Mrs. Corral's Class


Management plans for PE and Yoga

PPT, Word, Excel Viewers [Go]
Acrobat Reader [Go]

Clubs/ Intramural Sports


Basketball will be our first after school sport. This is a six week event.

Volleyball, Soccer, Pickleball, and Cross Country to follow.

See Attachments for more information.


3rd PE Unit

3rd PE Unit

3rd PE Unit

3rd PE Unit: Kickball, Team Handball, Pickleball (for more information/videos see calendar date October 29th)

Kickball is played using modified baseball rules. Teams are co-ed and consist of 8-11 players. Fields are marked with either spray painted bases or rubber bases. Team captains use rock, paper, scissors, to decided who is "up" (kicking first) and who is "out" (defending). 


Team Handball is an Olympic Sport. We are playing a modified version with co-ed teams of 8-11 players. The game is played over 3 basketball courts. A goal is located at each end inside a goal area.

Players advance the ball by passing or dribbling. One a player stops their dribble they can take 3 steps.

Lose of possession occurs if the other teams steals a dribbled ball, intercepts a pass, or if the ball is thrown out of bounds. 

A point is scored if the ball is thrown into the goal. 

Game starts with a free pass.

Ball out of bounds is thrown back in. 


Pickleball is played 2 v 2. Game starts with an underhand hit (ball is not hit from a bounce). Points are only earned if the serving team wins the rally. If the serving team loses the rally, the serve is lost. Game is played to 11 or 15.



2nd PE Unit: Track and Field

6 Events will be learned and practiced. These events include; 4x1 relay, 50 meter dash, 50 meter hurdles, long jump, triple jump, and shot put. 

See calendar for details (September 17th date). If absent watch "Track Videos" and write 5 things learned.